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I wish I could blame my lack of posts lately on a writing class I’ve been taking, but it hasn’t consumed that much of my time, neither have yoga classes, as I’ve not been regularly attending due to a multitude of reasons, mostly under my control, a (very) few beyond my control.  I am owning my lack of consistency and commitment.  Perhaps an explanation for the lack of posts is that I am living my happy life and have allowed that to take priority over making the time to cultivate this blog.  I’m certainly not making any apologies for that.

This is just a little post to tell you what I was up to last weekend (and to get me writing again, which I’m told by my writing teacher is something I should be doing every day).

Until last weekend, I was a New York City virgin.  Bet you didn’t know those existed.  I am so grateful to have had such a fantastic trip and knowledgeable and experienced traveling partner.  I saw priceless, beautiful art.  We ate exceptional food at wonderful restaurants that we would revisit if there weren’t 1,000 others in the city that are also on our list.  My Love got to catch up with an old friend (and I made a new one) who was our host to a great private club.  A Saturday night Kabarette show at the Galapagos Art Space in Brooklyn and a Sunday stroll along the High Line were two terrific experiences.  As My Love puts it, we “worshiped at the Church of Barney’s,” and it made me grateful that I am not a wealthy woman or else I would become the best dressed homeless lady wandering around NYC in Louboutins.  Two celebrity sightings:  Jake Gyllenhaal was eating at the same restaurant (Prune — it’s wonderful and everyone should put it on their list) and Meg Ryan passed us on the sidewalk talking on her cell phone.  The President was in New York, and unfortunately we didn’t get to hang out with him (or rather, he didn’t get to hang out with us).  However, we did catch a glimpse of his sweet ride, Air Force One, as we were taxiing out on our flight home.  We also had a passing view of the space shuttle which is temporarily housed at JFK right now and the huge NASA plane on which it’s been traveling around. Then we were New Orleans bound.

We have found a nice way to end a vacation and avoid “vacation hangover.”  This is that feeling when you get home from a fantastic trip and are facing the daunting task of unpacking and mentally shifting into “fuck, I gotta go back to work now” mode.  Create a diversion.  Our diversion last night was having dinner with two friends who were in New Orleans.  As My Love and I were on our way to JFK to catch the bird home, he received a text asking us to join them for dinner.  For a half-second, we both thought of declining.  We were ending this non-stop, frantic, time-maximizing trip and probably just needed to get home, unpack, rest, and get into the “fuck, i gotta …” mode.  However, their visit was a rarity.  After that half-second, we agreed.  It helped that the restaurant they chose is one of our Top 3.  A wonderful time was had by all and it was such a nice end to my cherry-popping trip to NYC.  So the end of your vacation doesn’t necessarily have to be the “end” of your vacation.  Schedule a diversion.  Prolong it.