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Day 30 – Done Day!  So I feel like I am writing an acceptance speech for an Academy Award or something.  “I’m so happy to be here.  I could never have done this by myself, so I need to thank …”

I’ve procrastinated writing this post for most of the morning because I just didn’t know how to put a finish on this daily journal.  Thinking about not having this challenge to write about every day and sharing my thoughts with all five of you makes me a little blue.  But then I realize I could continue to share my everyday thoughts with you.  For example, a woman in the elevator today was telling how her boyfriend proposed to her right as she got out of the shower on Sunday morning and how she thought it was such a romantic gesture because he even donned a suit for the occasion all while she was swathed in her towel.  Suit.  Bathroom.  Towel.  Bathtub.  Engagement ring.  Why does her story present a disturbing picture in my mind instead of a sweet and tender moment?  Or I could tell you about the (apparently) homeless and wheelchair-bound man who sits at the corner of my building asking for money who was recently seen plying his craft in a really fancy wheelchair while talking on his brand new cell phone.  Guess the alms solicitation business is immune to our current economic crisis.  Good for him!  I might go on to tell you about my day off tomorrow where I am getting my first proper hair cut and color in two years and an hour-long massage BOTH IN ONE DAY!!!!  My congrats to myself.

What I will tell you is that I am proud of myself for completing this challenge.  I knew I could do it.  There was no doubt in my mind.  But on Friday afternoons when, as you all know, all I wanted to do was come home from work and have a glass of wine, my self-confidence didn’t contribute to getting myself to the 6:15 yoga class instead.  What did make it easier was not wanting to disappoint myself, My Love, and whoever else gave a damn and the fact that I was doing something good for myself, both in mind and body.

The class last night was probably one of the most challenging classes I’ve had in a while, AND our teacher was, in true yoga spirit, going with the flow and went an extra 15 minutes.  I kept thinking that the class was going too long, but then I thought that it was just me wanting it to be over.  I should have been “in the moment,” and not even noticed the time.  But honestly, because it was so challenging, I was dog-tired, and my wrists hurt, I just wanted to get the hell out of there.

When I got home, My Love was working on a fabulous meal (of my choosing), had candles flickering and the table set, poured us champagne and toasted my success.  I think he probably told me he was proud of me at least eight times last night.  I started believing him around the fifth.  No, I knew he was proud of me, and I am grateful for his patience, infinite encouragement, and his shoulder I occasionally whined (and maybe teared up once) on.

I hope that I can continue to be consistent in my yoga practice.  I think the reward system is going to be employed.  I know I effectively respond to positive reinforcement better than negative judgments (I had enough of that growing up).  Sadly, I will not be posting every day.  That, in itself, was a challenge and major time commitment for me.  But if I didn’t know already, I definitely know now how important it is to challenge yourself to do things outside your comfort zone or that require change in your much coveted daily routine, if only for 30 days, especially when they are physically beneficial.  My next challenge is learning French for our summer trip to Paris.  I know I have it in me to put 100 percent into this endeavor and be semi-fluent in no time.  ll faut voir!