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Day 28 – Done Day! Minus 2.  Two!!  Due to unforeseen circumstances, the restorative class was cancelled yesterday.  I didn’t find out until it was too late to take another class.  However, I made the most of my unfortunate situation of not having to go to a class (woohoo!) by lying on my couch and doing absolutely nothing.  My Love made dinner AND EVEN BROUGHT IT TO ME ON THE COUCH!  If I committed any of the seven deadly sins yesterday, it was Sloth.

I’m attributing much of it to brunch at Cafe Atchafalaya (a little place around the corner from our house) where I had the Treme — two poached eggs on top of two boudin cakes (yes, boudin) with Hollandaise sauce drizzled over the top and further garnished with fried crawfish tails and on the side spicy potatoes cubed into small nibble-size bites (just one more, one more, one more).  Before that, I had a Bloody Mary.  When you order this libation at Cafe Atchafalaya, the bartender hands you a glass containing only ice and vodka.  Then you hit the “Bloody Mary buffet” and put your own twist (literally) on your drink.  I was like a hog at the trough.  Pickled okra, green beans, peppers, pearl onions, olives, celery, lemons, limes, horseradish, bacon (I know!) a variety of hot sauces, freshly cracked salt and pepper — you want it; they got it.  Sometimes the look on people’s faces when they’re handed just a glass full of ice and vodka is amusing.  Then once they’re shown the buffet, the look of confusion becomes radiant disbelief and wonderment.  Ok.  Maybe another deadly sin was Gluttony.  My Love had his version of a crab cake Benedict (hold the eggs), and I must admit that after he raved about how wonderful his crab cakes were, I was jealous I didn’t get it.  Envy — another deadly sin.

I guess I might have committed every deadly sin yesterday.  I Lust after My Love all the time — guess that might have to be an ongoing one.  I’m sure my digestive system will (and did) grumble that I imposed a great deal of Wrath on it with this decadent meal.  During our meal, we discussed what we needed to do with our growing Paris fund so it will yield maximum benefits.  I supposed there is some backwood, snake-handling “man of God” who would consider this Greed (I consider it necessary if we are to experience Paris as Paris should be experienced).  And as far as Pride, well, I admit that I am proud that I have made a happy life for myself and that I have finally found the one with whom I want to spend it, proud that I have grown stronger from setbacks and disappointments and am continuing to evolve and constantly learn things about who I am and what I want, and proud that I am two classes away from completing this challenge!  28 down, 2 to go.