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Day 25 – Done Day! Minus 5.  I can’t believe it.  Five more days. Wow!  Last night’s class was about concentrating on how your body moves into and out of a pose.  We did a lot of repetitions in order to feel that rhythm.  It was interesting because it didn’t feel the same every time even though the pose and vinyasa were the same.  I thought of the Chaos Theory.  A butterfly flapped its wings …

After re-reading my post last night, the realization that I had used the words “vagina” and “douche” in a post for the whole world wide web to see briefly struck me like fire and brimstone and a plague of locusts.  Coming from a childhood steeped in strict southern Baptist brainwashing religion, I admit that I felt a very fleeting pang of guilt and embarrassment.  What would you think about me now?  What would my parents say if they read it?  They don’t read it so I don’t know why I worried about that.  It’s funny that I can have a mouth like a sailor (ask the guy who pulled out in front of me in traffic the other day … motherfucker is probably one of the easiest words to lip read), but when I realized later on that those words I typed were out there forever for you all to read, Sunday school lessons on how to be a proper Christian started bubbling up from the suppressed well in my soul that is deep with feelings of oppression.  The ideals enforced upon me during my formative years resulted in futile attempts to be a proper Christian (according to the Baptist religion), therefore, always never succeeding.  Anyway, like I said, it was a very brief moment.  I have evolved from that sheeple mentality and greatly expanded my acceptance of all religions and beliefs.  Thanks be to me!  I’ve also let go of deeply ingrained ideas which at one time held me back on being an accepting, tolerant and compassionate being.  I would like to think of myself now as a much more open spirit who looks at life through her half-full glass and who WILL COMPLETE THIS CHALLENGE!!  25, down 5 to go.