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Day 24 – Done Day! Minus 6.  As I am writing this on Thursday, this is technically the 25th day.  Six more classes counting today.  The light at the end of the tunnel is luminous and growing larger and I am excited.

Last night was another “Funky Vinyasa” class (no Coolio this time sadly, but nonetheless still funky) and was enjoyable as always.  The windows were open and thanks to a nasty and scary weather system heading our way, there was a breeze that at times turned into small, welcomed gusts.

I have no idea what the “prizes” are from the studio for a successful challenge or if there are any this time.  Last year, one was a gift certificate for a 30-minute Thai massage.  Those of you who have had a Thai massage know that 30 minutes is about the time you start really loosening up, so I upped mine to an hour and 30 minutes (or it might have been two hours).  The room was some kind of time warp or wormhole because I could swear it only lasted 15 minutes.  As I place expectations on everything (a character flaw, no doubt, that I’m working on … baby steps), I thought I would feel like Jello — ultimately relaxed and like I just had a Valium with a Jameson chaser.  Not so, surprisingly!  I imagine I could be on that video “Shit New Age Girls Say” with my next sentence.  However, I could feel all the blood flowing through my veins, and I felt (god, I hate to say this) alive.  So transcendentally cliché.  There was more room in my body to breathe.  There was no feeling of pleasant, euphoric bliss like slipping into a really warm bath; it was more like an internal cleansing, and I came away with an all-over April-fresh feeling.  A Thai massage douche not for your vagina but, rather, the entire body and mind.  Isn’t that a good description???

So I’ve been thinking how I’m going to reward myself for completing this challenge.  I will definitely be booking a massage.  It’s on my list of things to do.  Maybe a hair cut and color.  Maybe a lingering meal at a favorite restaurant.

I’m learning that taking care of myself is not a selfish act.  Another lesson I am learning is that what doesn’t serve you and your needs (bad habits, people, negative thoughts) can be let go without judgment or fear.  These things prevent growth and shield you from opportunities.  I like opportunities and feel fortunate that I’ve had some good ones placed in front of me (even though at the time I thought some of them were going to be my undoing).  By completing this challenge and enjoying the journey, I am intentionally setting myself up to reap benefits even unknown to me now.  24 down, 6 to go.