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Day 21 – Done Day! Minus 9.  (Author’s note:  On yesterday’s Day 20 post, I mistakenly referred to it as Halfway There Day Minus 10.  It should have read Done Day! Minus 10.  Remind me never to ask any of you all to be my editor when I finish my novel.)  🙂

Injury report:  Much improvement.  I don’t know how it will feel tonight during a “normal” class because yesterday I did a restorative class and didn’t do a single down-dog or chaturanga.  The class is very calming.  You really don’t “do” anything but relax and lay across these big, overstuffed bolsters with some gentle stretching and constant breathing.  Maybe it should be “mindful” breathing instead of “constant” breathing.  We already constantly breathe.  Well, we, the living, anyway.  My weekend was very relaxing but full, so it was the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Of all the times of the week, I dislike Sunday evening the most.  It even trumps Monday morning.  After two days of not having a bedtime, you have one now, and the weekend, which I consider my time, has come to an end.  I dread that feeling of knowing that my time is over and I, once again, must brave the savage five-day odyssey called the work week for … well, forever.

I do not envy independently wealthy people because they do not require a job to live; I envy them because every day is a weekend day for them.  I’m laughing.  Allright!  Allright!  I’m fooling no one.  I do envy them because they don’t have to work.  Not being dependent on a nine-to-five job to live is a luxurious daydream for me.  Fortunate are those who have the time to hone whatever creative talent might be residing just below the surface waiting for the opportunity to spring forth and flourish.  A cubicle in an office building is much more than just uninspiring, it’s downright discouraging.  But you make the most with what you have, right?  To be upset over what you don’t have is to waste what you do have.  Maybe I should take a lesson from Scott Turow.  Part of his novel Presumed Innocent was written in long hand in spiral notebooks on the El in Chicago while commuting to and from work.*  That’s dedication and aspiration.  I’ll settle right now for the dedication and aspiration to complete the remainder of this challenge.  21 down, 9 to go.


*I gleaned this fact from My Love, as he is a cornucopia of knowledge, as well as an extremely talented musician, dashingly handsome, a sharp dresser, an imaginative culinary genius, and an extreme badass at packing big things in small spaces.