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Day 15 – Halfway.  It really doesn’t seem like it’s been that long.  But then when I think of doing this for another 15 days, words like “eternal” and “forever” come to mind.  Really, it’s been nothing but positive.  I said the same thing about last year’s challenge.  Nothing negative has occurred as a result of committing to this challenge; nothing has suffered.  It doesn’t interfere with work (like I would ever allow anything in my personal life to interfere with work … honestly, it’s probably the other way around).  I am a more peaceful and open person, so My Love is definitely reaping the benefits of my more positive attitude and increased energy (and all that that implies).  The one thing I do miss, and it’s very insignificant, is coming home from work, flinging the heels into the closet, donning the comfy clothes and doing whatever — reading, TV, surfing around on these addictive interwebs, aggravating playing with my kittenchildren, visualizing our renovation of the backyard (I’m still in the composition phase), or just getting a few errands done after work.  By the time these 6:15, 6:30 classes are over, it’s around 8:00, and though I feel very energized and not drained at all, I only want to head straight home, eat the scrumptious but healthy meal (I never imagined that those two words could jointly describe a meal … who knew?) My Love has created, and catch up with him or try to get in some of the aforementioned things.  But this is all a sacrifice, and it wouldn’t be a challenge without the denial of things you once took for granted.  Looking at it through my new half-full glass, I might be temporarily denied the usual comforts and luxuries, but I’m gaining so much as well … like a stronger, flexible and healthier body, a calmer and open mind, self-gratitude for taking the time to take care of myself both physically and mentally, and a confidence-boosting sense of accomplishment.

So the class last night was wonderful.  The windows were open and there was a light, comfortable breeze.  Yes, it’s south Louisiana.  We can open our windows in mid-January.  Our weather has a mind of its own and like the honey badger, it doesn’t give a shit.  It just does what it wants.  (Even though the honey badger meme has now become irrelevant, that video still makes me laugh, and I know it’s so “more than one week ago,” but I couldn’t resist.)  Back to the class.  Breathing is the largest component in yoga, and it was invigorating to inhale fresh air instead of recycled air in a closed room.  A bonus to what was an already great class.  Because this is an everyday thing for me right now, I really don’t push myself in every class.  However, I did in last night’s class and could absolutely feel the results.  I wish I could put forth that little extra effort in every class, but I know from experience that this is a marathon and not a sprint.  Patiently pacing yourself is a challenge in itself.

Just a non-judgmental observance and side note here, but if you’re going to do yoga, please take care of your feet … like WASH them every now and then, trim your toenails, maybe use a little Vaseline Intensive Care.  I can’t help but notice the feet around me and sometimes … well, maybe those people have really busy lives doing far more important things than I and just don’t have time to devote to foot maintenance.  I understand.  However, grimy feet are distressing.  It’s not calming or peaceful when you’re inhaling into your up-dog to see a pair of feet in front of you that looks as if the feet’s owner walked to class barefoot or has all-day-Jazzfest-flip-flop feet.  I’m jusayin’.  But I’m trying to create more balance in my life, so let me say that while I am disturbed by some feet, I am envious of others.  They have skinny feet with skinny toes (I feel like mine look like baby caveman feet), and I wonder where they found the pretty color of polish on their toenails and how they can keep their heels from getting dry and cracked.  So my cry here is just to take care of your feet please for everyone’s sake.  It will make the remaining 15 days much more pleasant.  15 down, 15 to go.