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Day 14 – Sunday, but it felt like another Saturday because I am off on Monday.  Two Saturdays.  Imagine if that was reality.  It’s easy if you try.  You may say I’m a dreamer.  But I’m not the only one.  Ok.  Ok.  Gotta love Lennon.  Seriously, it sure was nice to have another day included in the weekend, and I’m going on the record advocating four-day work weeks.  I am on the mend … I hope.  I felt better today, and as a result, had a great practice.  Our teacher read from the book The War of Art by Steven Pressfield before beginning.  Even after reading this book for the third time, I still found it highly motivating.  If feeling motivated had anything to do with actually doing what you were feeling motivated to do, then I should be a rocket scientist, brain surgeon, solved hunger and disease, and facilitated world peace.  Baby steps.  The portion she read had to do with being your own master instead of having others govern over you.  Now, I’m not advocating total anarchy (a bit is healthy though), and I’m certainly not relating this to any kind of political issue, but applying that to your yoga practice means that you have control of what goes on with your body and your mind while on your mat and how that can transcend into real life.  What I know about this is that having control and exercising that control are two different things.  You have to make the best decision that you can at that time.  Like the time I got caught with my friends drinking in the McDonald’s parking lot when I was 16, I made the decision to lie my way out of it and deny it to the bitter end.  That was the best decision to make at that time.  Looking back, well, it still was the best decision to make at that time.  But we do have control over what we do, say, think, and feel, and that is a powerful feeling.  Another powerful feeling will be completing this challenge.  14 down, 16 to go.