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Day 13 – Saturday morning classes are always hard … wait, didn’t my last post start off similar to this?  Well, they are and today was no exception due to my aforementioned affliction in the previous post.  I didn’t feel 100 percent, but I still didn’t push myself and took things a little slower.  Yes, I was the slow kid in yoga class today.  I did feel strangely energized in the class, though.  You think it had anything to do with the sinus medicine I took?  You know the one containing that meth-making ingredient, and to purchase it, you have to take the card to the pharmacy, they enter you into some database for drug offenders, and you walk away feeling like a criminal who has committed no crime.  Anyway, hopped up on sinus medicine, I did enjoy this morning’s class.  It was a great way to start a beautiful Saturday morning that turned into a great Saturday day.  13 down, 17 to go.