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Day 12 – Friday night classes are always tough.  You’ve had a hard week at work, you’re tired, and you just want to get into relaxation mode.  I believe this sounds a bit familiar to the previous Yoga Challenge Day 5 post (last Friday’s) where I was bemoaning my desire to begin my weekend but instead having to go to yoga.  Well, this Friday was no different; I just didn’t gripe to anyone about it … out loud.  I woke up Friday morning with that nagging post-nasal drip thing going on, but chalked it up to the drastic change in our weather (highs in the low 70s one day to highs in the high 40s the next) and figured I would take some extra Emergen-C and drink lots of water and be over it.  I didn’t start feeling really ill until after a few vinyasas.  It took a lot of “pushing through” to finish, but I did.  I did it when I wanted to quit.  I did take it a bit easier making sure I didn’t exert myself too much or get overheated, but I really did just want to roll up my mat, come home and crawl into bed.  Instead, I finished the class, then came home (where My Love made me some delicious healing soup) and crawled into bed.  It was hard to concentrate on my breathing when I couldn’t even breath through my nose.  Mouth-breathing through a yoga class is no fun, defeats the whole purpose of the practice, and I’m hoping I didn’t disturb my neighbors.  I kept thinking, “One more breath.  One more breath,” and before I knew it, it was savasana time.  I was envisioning myself relaxing, thinking healthy thoughts, attempting a little internal healing, but no — my nose started running after lying flat and I kept sniffing (I kept it at church-mouse sniffing, but still), definitely not getting into the “letting go” idea of savasana.  I’m glad I finished the class.  I don’t know how much good I did physically, but I know that I am proud of myself for not doing what would’ve been the easy thing, to quit, but instead doing what I didn’t think I could do, gutting it out and finishing.

The class would’ve been great had I been able to enjoy it without worrying about coughing, sniffing or feeling a little weak and dizzy.  I’m disappointed that I missed out on the full benefits.  However, there will be other days — 18 to be exact.  12 down, 18 to go.