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Day 11 – I’m so happy it’s Friday and that I have Monday off next week (MLK Day) that I’m having a hard time concentrating on the details of last night’s class.  I know I enjoyed the class very much.  It was very crowded, so lots of positive energy in a small space, but it was all good.  I noticed some improvement in certain areas, and I came away feeling invigorated, but at the same time peaceful and calm.  I’m starting to notice changes in my body now, not so much in the way my clothes are fitting me (that’s my usual gauge), but my obliques are definitely tighter and longer and I’m much more “bendy” because my muscles are not as tight anymore.  Don’t misunderstand, I’m not putting my foot behind my head, while standing on one toe, with my arms behind my back in reverse prayer.  One day.  My Love says he notices that my posture is better.  That’s something I really don’t notice, but I do know that I am more conscious at work in the way I sit in my very uncomfortable chair.  I’ve been on a one-woman “Occupy The Chair” protest for months now.  Like its protest siblings all over the world, nothing’s been done about it either.  Hunger strike?  Show up naked?  Cry while begging?  What else?

I will just say that I am looking forward to the weekend.  Some friends are in town from the wintery wonderland of Chicago, My Love and I have a few social options (I love options, me), the weather forecast looks gorgeous for the next few days, today is payday (we all know how that perks up a weekend), and I am filled with gratitude for what and who is in my life.  11 down, 19 to go.