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Day 10 – We’re in the double digits now!  Yay!  Yesterday was Wednesday, and as I’ve said before, it’s hard to find that motivation in the middle of the week for me.  However, I think my body has gotten over the shock of the daily practice of yoga.  I can tell now that I have more energy, I am definitely not feeling the fatigue I had last week, and where there once was fog, there is now a little clarity and peace.

So the “theme” of last night’s practice was not to take everything so seriously.  Some things in life are meant to be taken serious — death, even though my family funerals were at times hilarious (finding out that your third cousin named their son Justin Time and trying to keep a straight face .. true story), illnesses, finances, et cetera.  But life in general, if looked at through the lens of wonderment, is really quite amusing.  You just have to look.  Is the world going to implode into a black hole if all of the errands on your to-do list do not get crossed off?  No, but you might need the sweater, two pair of pants, dress and coat that’s been at the cleaners for three weeks now and you may end up substituting the toilet paper with Kleenex for a day or two (provided that you didn’t run out of Kleenex before, and then, well …).  Will it stop spinning on its axis if you’re late for work on a consistent basis?  No, but it might be funny that you’re looking for another job.  There will not be a global gasp of horror if you back out of plans made with friends a week ago.  If they are true friends, they’ll laugh and assume that you were engaged in other activities all afternoon and were just too tired to get dressed and get out of the house.  (I’m just writing of my own experiences here.)  I know I’m a serious offender of taking things too seriously only to find out that all my stressing and obsessing was for naught or the consequences were not as dire as I imagined.  It all comes back to your perception of the glass being half-full or half-empty.  We all get caught up in the minutia of life.  Sure, you have your responsibilities and are accountable to people in your life you care for, but really, life is much more enjoyable when you’re actually enjoying your life.  Profound.  I know.  So if there ever comes that first time (heaven forbid) I accidentally fart in the middle of a quiet yoga class, I hope y’all will hear me laughing at myself all around the world.  10 down, 20 go to.