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Day 9 – Finally, a normal weekday!  My Love went back to work this week after a three-week hiatus (this is just ONE of the reasons that it’s great to work in the movie industry, folks), so there is a familiar routine in the mornings once again.  No more holidays, no home Saints game (they play in San Francisco this weekend), no BCS game, no parking drama, and no fans roaming the streets in the middle of a workday consuming adult beverages while I shuffle along with the rest of the working sheeple with NO adult beverage in my hand.  I’m not a prude, just jealous as hell.  All the fans were checking out of their hotels and they all looked like they had a very good time (meaning most looked really hungover and some were still in their pj’s) regardless of their team affiliation, so don’t feel too much sympathy for those LSU fans.  So a good time for all … time for things to return to somewhat of a balance.  However, Mardi Gras is rapidly approaching, which is just a whole other, unbelievable level of crazy in our city, but it seems to slowly creep up on you.  One parade this weekend, a couple more the next, and then before you know it, it’s full-on partying in the streets 24-7 and finding creative, alternate routes when driving from one place to another less than a mile apart, avoiding street closures and people jams (a little similar to bear jams but with more beads and boobs).

Our teacher for this class is moving this weekend, so this was her last class at our studio.  I’m disappointed because I come away from her classes feeling a tad bit wiser and a lot more bendy.  She’s very good at explaining what you’re supposed to be feeling and where you’re supposed to be feeling it.  Plus, she seems like such a sweet soul.  At the same time, I’m glad she’s taking a step further down her path (because I know a thing or two about moving forward on your path), and I hope everything goes well for her.  She talked a lot about creating space in your mind, through mediation, opening up to acceptance and understanding.  We also created a lot of space with our corporeal bodies as well.  I actually felt taller when I left.  It seemed I sat higher in my car driving home and probably should have adjusted the mirrors.  Really.  I’m not even kidding.  I would have said I was at least 5′ 4″.  That is a ginormous increase from my 5′ 2″ level of shortness.  Another topic of discussion was planting the seeds of your intentions and not just forgetting about them.  Setting an intention and doing nothing to nourish it will not bring it to fruition.  You have to keep coming back to it with a willingness to work with it and exercising the patience to allow it to grow.  One thing I did notice last night is that I am a total spaz when it comes to my left side.  I’m noticeably more flexible and balanced on my right side because that is my dominate side.  Now, without being OCD about it, I do like even things — even numbers, even sides and even even odds.  So when it comes to the unevenness of the two halves of my body, I feel really motivated to work on symmetry.  Therefore, I am planting a seed of intention to patiently cultivate the balance of all things in my life, including my poor little special needs left half.  9 down, 21 to go.