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Day 5 – Since this was a Friday, I was really ready to begin my weekend after work (a/k/a I was ready to be lazy with a glass of wine and the TV and couch).  However, I had a class at 6:15.  When I came home and began grousing about going to class and how I was ready to get this class over so I could start my weekend, whine, whine, whine, My (very wise) Love suggested I think of the class as the beginning of my weekend with a refreshing and balancing class.  Perspective.  Sometimes it’s all it takes to solve a problem or make a situation better.  The class was refreshing and balancing, and I came home to a scrumptious dinner and had a lovely evening — a great start for the weekend!  I am beginning to feel sore in places I haven’t been, and I find overall I’m a bit tired.  I think it just takes adjusting to doing yoga every day.  I expect next week the classes will have a more energizing effect.  5 down, 25 to go.