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Day 4 – What happens when you realize just after the class has gone through a couple of Surya Namaskara A’s that you have to pee?  Do you A) gracefully dodge your way through the 25 students behind you, disrupting the class flow to head for the restroom, and then do the same upon returning to your mat at the front, or do you B) just hold it the whole time, “breathing oxygen” to your bladder so the urgency lessens and you can get through the next hour without resorting to A?  I opted for the latter last night after freaking out for a little while thinking there was no way I was getting through the whole class.  Plus, the thought of padding into the restroom barefoot kinda grossed me out (even though they keep it really clean), and I started thinking about that pic of Britney Spears coming out of the convenience store restroom barefoot a few years ago (it stuck with me obviously).  I try to be mindful of my urinary needs before going to class, and I know it’s not healthy to hold it, but you know, sometimes it just sneaks up on you.  (Please don’t tell me it’s a sign of getting old.  I will not accept that explanation.)  Needless to say, the instructor is one of my favorites, and to be honest, there were times I completely forgot about it and had a wonderful class nevertheless.  I’m attributing it to the oxygen that I was “breathing into” my bladder.  At any time during a pose you feel a muscle or an area of your body reaching its limit, they tell you to breath your oxygen into that muscle or area so it will relax and yield to your stretching.  Well, I certainly didn’t want my bladder to relax, but I figured if it was going to be a constant source of aggravation during the class, this seemed like the “yoga” thing to do.  It must have worked … no disruptive trip to the restroom.  Taking this experience and turning it into a “lesson learned” opportunity, I can say that as much as I was freaking out about it at the beginning, I went with the flow (see how I worked that in), stayed in the moment of my practice and didn’t obsess and think of the what-ifs, and it all worked out fine.  Most things are not as bad as I make them out to be in my overactive mind, and this is just one example of that being true, even if it was just an extremely minor problem.  4 down, 26 to go.