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Day 3 – Wednesday.  Middle of the week.  It’s always hard to scrape up some motivation on Wednesday.  Somewhere, somehow I found a bit.  I knew in my heart I was going; it was my head that I had to convince.  The class was at 6:30 and everyone else must have assumed it was a regular 6:15 class because when I walked into the room at 6:20, one side of it was already filled.  Now, if I have to have a “thing” about going to yoga classes, it’s that I am absolutely uncomfortable walking in late, everyone looking at me, trying to find a spot, someone having to move their mat over because of me and me giving that “Sorry I’m late and ruined your pre-class mediation” look and subsequent apology, and then not having time to unwind and settle in to my peaceful, meditative yoga state.  I always get there early.  If I’m even going to cut it close, I just will not go.  I’ll either do some kind of home practice or just accept that I will miss the class but will be sure to make the next one.  In other, more honest, words, I’ll just blow it off.  But I found a spot without inconveniencing anyone else and all was well.  It was a crowded class, so I got to know my neighbors without even knowing their names or having a conversation with them.  When someone’s butt is right in my face (and conversely, mine is in someone else’s) or when I’m in up-dog and my face is inches away from this stranger’s face, I start to wonder about this person to whom I’m in such close proximity.  Is she married?  What does that tattoo mean on her foot?  Where did she get that cool top?  How can college students afford Lululemon?  Could I get away without shaving my legs and pits?  This was the first time I’ve ever taken a class with this instructor.  It was a good, seamlessly flowing class and I really enjoyed it.  Day 4 today.  26 left to go.