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Day 2 – Because of the Sugar Bowl and the influx of Michigan and Virginia Tech fans, I was happy to leave work an hour early.  Good thing, because it took me 20 minutes just to get out of my parking lot.  Coming at this from a glass-half-full angle, I can say that I’m grateful for that extra hour because I made the 6:15 class on time without having to rush.  In fact, I had a rare chance to chill at home and talk to My Love about our days and see the exceptional and much-appreciated manual labor he did in our backyard — one step closer to having our backyard Nirvana.  The intention for the practice was to let go of fear that keeps you from making decisions and seizing opportunities regardless if you succeed or fail.  One of my fears is to publish my writing for you all to read, but I do it because I get a certain level of satisfaction from it that far exceeds any fear of judgment.  As for you all, I just hope you find some of it mildly entertaining and some a little thought-provoking.  The class itself was wonderful.  Lots of inversions so it was difficult to really let go in savasana … but then that’s the most difficult pose for me anyway.  I found out that the lovely girl who teaches this class is moving across the country and that next week will be her last class.  Just when you get comfortable with an instructor, they move on.  But then I guess that’s what yoga’s about anyway — flowing with the changes that happen while appreciating the comfort of the known but anxiously anticipating the possibilities of the unknown.