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City Park, New Orleans

I figured I would have my first post giving you a little insight into who I am, what I want, when I think I’ll get it, where I am and want to be, and why I’m here.  The who, what, when, where and whys of me.  I am 42 years old and divorced.  You know when you have to check one of the boxes on your tax return or insurance form that ask whether you’re married, divorced, separated, or single, I always check the single box.  Is that considered fraud?  I’ve been divorced now for 12 years and haven’t remarried, so I have a hard time categorizing myself as “divorced” when I must categorize.  My ex-husband and I had no children and didn’t part on the best of terms, so there is no communication.  I wanted the divorce, so he kept the friends and I got the china, silver and crystal.   Fair trade I think.  And really that seems like such a lifetime ago.  I was a completely different person and can’t even identify with her anymore.  I’m pretty sure that’s a good thing.

Croque madame et frites @ Lüke on St. Charles Avenue

So far, I’ve told you I’m a single 42 year-old woman with no children.  I live in the very unique city of New Orleans.  There’s a whole post coming on how much in loveI am with this city.  I am a certified paralegal who works below her education as a legal secretary for a law firm.  Maybe that will be another post as well.  I love food, restaurants and the dining experience.  I mean, I really love food.  (I love my high metabolism as well.)  I get excited when I read a menu or when the waiter recites the specials and especially when the plate is placed on the table, you take a whiff, and you just know it’s going to be heaven in your mouth.  As much as I love to eat, I don’t really enjoy cooking.  I can cook — fairly well I’ve been told — I’ve just gotten into this habit of not cooking for just myself and would much prefer someone cook for me.  Funny that I’ve never dated a chef.

I love to travel, although I regretfully haven’t had the chance to do as much as I want.  “As much as I want” would be all the time, and since I never had a reality show where I now could command $30,000 just to speak about how I fix my hair, never got pregnant with some very famous musician’s spawn, and never had 12 kids with Brad Pitt just because he met Angelina before me, a single-income girl like me can barely afford to “live” in the city she “lives” in, much less take vacations to faraway places for more than two or three days at a time.  This I’ve been whining about exhaustively to my friends (if I still have them) for the past few weeks as I hear about beach trips and European excursions from the more fortunate people in my life.

Family.  Well, I have one.  My parents have unbelievably and admiringly been married for 46 years, lived in the same house for the last 41 years, and rarely miss Sunday morning services at a Baptist church in Baton Rouge.  Religion.  Yeah, that’s a good topic for maybe four or five posts way on down the road.  I am a Catholic convert who now considers herself a budding agnostic.  I have one sister who is married with a hers-mine-and-ours family of five children.  So my parents have me and my sister — total opposites in lifestyle.  I guess maybe they should consider themselves lucky that they don’t have two of the same thing.  That would just be the same and redundant.

Pye on the yoga mat in down-cat

I admit to having a cat named Pyewacket.  That does not make me the old, single cat lady, and I have never once dressed her up in an outfit.  She is what I come home to in the evenings and I am glad to be her “Lady Who Puts Food In My Bowl.”  She sometimes joins me when I practice yoga at home.  Her down-cat is perfect!

I began this blog as another way of spreading my wings.  I drank the yoga Kool-Aid and couldn’t imagine my life without it.  I’m also taking a drawing class right now which is SO out of my comfort zone.  My work looks like a toddler’s, but I enjoy the challenge and I like the fact that I’m really not so good at it.  It gives me the opportunity to laugh at myself.  I previously thought it was too late to begin anything or change my thinking or behavior.  It is NEVER too late to do those things.  I can’t say exactly when the tide of my mind changed, but sometime in the past two or three years, I had a major shift in the way I process things and how I react (or don’t) to those things.  I will give my therapist credit in showing me the paths to take; however, I took them and give myself credit for the effort and acceptance (it’s a daily struggle) of myself.  I have another blog that I basically use as a journal.  I’m the only person who’s ever read it, and if I transferred some of those posts, I would have to change the names to protect the guilty and the ignorant and redact most of the profanity.

So that’s me in a post nutshell.  I hope someone has as much fun reading my blog as I think I will writing it.  I’m still just figuring out this format and how to create just a basic post, so comments and suggestions will be very much appreciated.

I just wanted to tell you.